Why Energy Supervisor?

In an effort to increase annual profitability, commercial organisations either need to increase sales margins or reduce input costs to achieve this goal. In the current economic climate, increasing sales margins can be difficult to achieve therefore a reduction in operating costs is necessary.  Energy costs alone are typically amongst the top three business expenses, meaning large savings can be made even by achieving small increases in efficiency.

Energy Supervisor Ltd provides the tools to reveal energy inefficiencies within your business allowing them to be proactively tackled and eliminated, reducing your energy costs and gaining you a substantial competitive advantage.

Our Solutions

Energy Supervisor Ltd offers a variety of energy monitoring solutions. We are capable of measuring electrical loads, oil and gas consumption, thermal energy utilisation and water usage.  Our Ethernet Power Monitors are suitable for a wide variety of electrical loads, ranging from single-socket, to complete circuit, to three-phase machinery and whole-site usage. Our gas and oil meters provide true and accurate accounting of fuel use with respect to time and, when combined with our flow-meters and heat quantity measurement tools enable you to estimate the thermal efficiency of a boiler or process.  Our flow meters allow. you to monitor clean water use and waste water disposal.

Energy Supervisor Ltd’s monitoring solutions can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of  your business and provide the information you need to reduce your energy costs


Ethernet Power Monitor Box

Our Technology

Energy Supervisor Ltd’s Energy Monitoring tools are all based on existing standards, requiring no proprietary hardware or software for installation or data access, ensuring reliability. Energy Supervisor Ltd’s hardware is specifically designed to be non-invasive, requiring minimal downtime on installation, reducing the up-front cost of implementation. Your data is relayed through the Cloud to our servers where it is securely and reliably stored, ready for access. Software-as-a-Service application delivery allows for flexible payment and utilisation options, scalable to meet any size of business while allowing you access to your data through a standard web browser, anytime, anywhere in the world.

All of the data gathered by our sensor technology is reported through the Cloud to our secure servers where it can be retrieved and analysed with the convenient click of  mouse, showing you exactly where the inefficiencies lie in your business.

Reduce Your Costs

What cannot be measured cannot be improved. Energy Supervisor Ltd enable you to directly measure when, where and how energy is used within your business, informing strategic business decisions and enabling you to actively manage your energy use. Our data enables effective Activity Based Costing Analysis to be performed, allowing you to assign an exact cost to each activity within your business and thus determine the profitability of that activity. Our monitoring technologies provide fine-grained analysis, revealing hidden energy wastage allowing you to proactively tackle and eliminate these sources of waste.

Energy Supervisor Ltd enables you to proactively manage your energy use and take control of your energy costs, realising savings that go right to your bottom line.